Stable Isotope Labeled (SIL) Compounds

Stork BioChemicals provides custom stable isotope labeled (2H, 13C, 15N) compounds (building blocks, drugs, drug candidates, active ingredients, metbolites, biomarkers, peptides…) to support your research and the development of your product. Stable isotope labeled compounds may be useful for bioanalytical purposes (to facilitate the quantification of analytes in biological matrix by LC/MS), for metabolomics & proteomics studies, for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), for medicinal chemistry purposes (by increasing half life of drug / drug candidate) as well as in structural biology.
If you don’t find a product in our current offer, please feel free to request a quote using our contact form. Download our flyer dedicated to stable isotope labeled compounds here.

The number, nature and location of stable isotope label atoms (either 2H, 13C or 15N or a combination of them) on your molecular framework can be tuned to your specific needs. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, products offered by Stork BioChemicals are for R&D use only.


Stable isotope labeled active pharmaceutical ingredient (API),  stable isotope labeled drug candidate, stable isotope labeled metabolite, stable isotope dilution analysis, internal standard, stable isotope labeled standard (SIL), therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), quantitative bioanalytical method validation, clinical diagnostic, LC/MS method validation, quantitative proteomics, selective reaction monitoring (SRM), multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), peptide based quantitative proteomics, Custom stable isotope labeled peptide, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Hyperpolarized 13C molecular imaging.


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