4LSC3232 5′-Thiol-Modifier C6 CAS# 116919-17-6

Catalog Number: 4LSC3232
CAS #: 116919-17-6
Name: 5′-Thiol-Modifier C6; S-Trityl-6-mercaptohexyl-1-[(2-cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite

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5′- & 3′- Thiol Modifiers

5′-Thiol Modifiers are phosphoramidites used to produce a functional thiol group on the 5′-terminus of oligonucleotides. Thiol modification allows attachment of a variety of products, such as fluorescent dyes, maleimide compounds, biotins and proteins. The trytyl group is used to protect the thiol and is not acid labile. The trityl protecting group which is lipophilic allows a trityl-on reversed-phase purification. A final deblocking of the oligonucleotide is accomplished by oxidation with silver nitrate and dithiothreitol (DTT).

  • Molecular Formula:  C34H45N2O2PS

  • Molecular Weight: 576.78 g/mol
  • Specification:
    • HPLC – Identity is confirmed by comparison with a reference sample, Minimum purity
    • NMR – Purity is determined by 31P NMR and isomeric purity is veified by 1H NMR
    • Coupling Test – Coupling efficiency > 98%
    • Solution Test – 0.1M solution clear and free of particulate contamination
    • Loss on drying – volatile components are determined to be < 2%
    • Water content – determined to be < 0.4%
    • Certificate of Analysis are available for every batch, even for lon past delivered products.
  • Packing size: 100µmoles, 250mg, Bulk
  • HS Code: 382200

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