4LSC3236 5′-Phosphorylating Reagent II CAS# 171285-25-9

Catalog Number: 4LSC3236
CAS #: 171285-25-9
Name: 5′-Phosphorylating Reagent II; [3-(4,4′-Dimethoxytrityloxy)-2,2-dicarboxyethyl]propyl-(2-cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)phosphoramidite

5′- & 3′- Phosphorylating Modifiers

5′-Phosphorylating Modifiers are phosphoramidites used as an alternative to enzymatic techniques for 5’phosphorylation of oligonucleotides. The DMT group allows determination of phosphorylation efficiency. The DMT-2,2′-Sulfonyldiethanol group of the 5’Phosphate Amidite is eliminated during the standard ammonium hydroxide treatment, rendering this compound incompatible with the DMT-on reversed-phase purification.

On the other side, the DMT of the 5′-Phosphorylating reagent II is stable to the standard ammonium hydroxide deprotection allowing DMT-on reversed-phase purification. A fnal deblocking of the oligonucleotide can be accomplished with trifluoroacetic acid or with acetic acid / water treatment.

  • Molecular Formula:  C39H51N2O9P

  • Molecular Weight: 722.82 g/mol
  • Specification:
    • HPLC – Identity is confirmed by comparison with a reference sample, Minimum purity
    • NMR – Purity is determined by 31P NMR and isomeric purity is veified by 1H NMR
    • Coupling Test – Coupling efficiency > 98%
    • Solution Test – 0.1M solution clear and free of particulate contamination
    • Loss on drying – volatile components are determined to be < 2%
    • Water content – determined to be < 0.4%
    • Certificate of Analysis are available for every batch, even for lon past delivered products.
  • Packing size: 100µmoles, 250mg, Bulk
  • HS Code: 382200