• Sourcing of rare and/or complex organic compounds:

Whether it is a discontinued chemical from a supplier or a rare specialized chemical that is difficult to source, Stork BioChemicals provides access to a reliable and substainable source of product that meet your specification in term of quality thanks to our global supply network. We are ready to solve any rare chemicals sourcing… If sourcing of your target compound with your required specification is not possible, Stork BioChemicals examines the feasibility of custom synthesis. Give us a shout!

  • Manufacture of tailored complex organic molecules (small molecules, peptides,…):

We have an extensive know-how of small molecules (of any kind) and complex peptide synthesis. In particular, we would be pleased to hear from you concerning your synthesis request of complex amino acid derivatives, peptides or nitrogen heterocycles for any type of application. Each project is treated with utmost confidentiality if requested (confidentiality agreement). So don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

  • Patentability and freedom to operate (FTO) analysis of specialized chemicals and/or a chemical processes
  • Market analysis, competitive positioning analysis of innovative concepts & Scientific and technological watch

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your specific needs !